Saturday, December 12, 2009



One of our recent Bright Lights meetings was on Discernment, and one of the things that we need discernment in is how we dress. Haley made a fun scenario for the different small groups to evaluate! My group loved it! I thought that you might be interested in the discernment exercises so I put it in this post.

Jenny has a shirt that was given to her for a present. The shirt is tight and the neck is low, but it really is a cute shirt and it is in style. Jenny wants to wear it, but has some misgivings. Can you help her out using the eight steps of discernment?

1. Examine everything in light of God’s word. Ask, “What does the Bible say?”
Can you think of any verses that have to do with modesty?

2. Have right motives (identify and remove pride and greed).
Does Jenny just want to wear the shirt to show off or get attention?

3. Trust in God’s power rather than man’s skill.
God’s ways are always better than man’s.

4. Get advice from your parents and listen to their cautions.
What do Jenny’s parents have to say about the shirt?

5. Remember that God’s ways are usually opposite to man’s natural inclinations (flesh vs. spirit) (Gal. 5:16-17).

6. Make a commitment to have no fellowship with darkness (II Cor. 6:14).

7. Ask, “What is the source of this? Is it from the world?”

8. Ask, “Does this honor Christ? What would Jesus do?”

If you have any scripture verses that you have found about modesty, I would love for you to leave a comment!