Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation part four

Remember to read parts one, two, and three first!

When we got to the sand dunes one of the first thing that we saw was a big cross some one had made out of driftwood up on the top of the dune. Then we said,"Let's write Jesus Saves up there by the cross!" Everyone thought that it was a great idea so we climbed up the dune and started gathering driftwood to write Jesus saves. It looked very good! You could see it perfectly from the parking lot! Haley took some pictures of it so that you could see.

Here is a view from the parking lot of Jesus Saves.

After we were done climbing on the dunes and swimming we came back to our uncles house and started packing up our things. We were cleaning up the house when our Aunt and Uncle got back from their vacation. So we spent a little while with them, finished packing up, and left.

As we were driving home Dad said, "Look at the fire works!" Almost all the way home we could see fire works! After we got in town dad drove us around to see if we could find a good spot to watch fireworks since we got there at 10:05 and the fireworks started at 10:00. He succeed and we tried to get a few good pictures.

Haley has some things about Camp Barekel (the place that we are trying to get a group of girls from Bright Lights to go to) on her blog. Go check it out!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Noela, and Mary!

I am sorry you could not be at the meeting on Mon. Mary. I only have pictures of Noela so I can't post some of you.

Happy Birthday!

Noela turned one on the 1st of July.

Here are some pictures..............

So innocent!

How precious!

She is wearing my old dance wig.

Vacation Part three.

Read part one and two first.

We went over to some sand dunes and climbed over them to a beach.
Here we are on the beach digging a hole. You can't go to the beach without digging a mote, sandcastle, etc.
After a little while some of us walked down the beach quite a ways. Grant, Vince, and I went in the water, it was cold! At first it was not too bad but after a while I got freezing! Haley, Vince, and Grant wanted to go a little farther so dad and I stayed behind. I laid down on the asphalt to get warmed up.

"It is a little warmer but I am still cold."

Us children (except Noela).

Aren't they cute?
My fantastic Dad! walking over the dune.
Mom carrying Noela over the dune. You have to be strong to do that!

Some shelf fungus.

Mom got a break.

Haley and Noela.

vacation part two.

Read part one first.

some beautiful pictures that Haley took.

We walked to the end of the pier to watch the sunset but left before it actually did. Grant hanging his legs off the end of the Pier.Lance, Vince, Grant, and me.

Dad walking with Noela.
The sun shining on that lake. Isn't it beautiful?
Vince and me sitting in front of a bush.
Some people made a sand castle.



We all had a lot of fun on vacation! We left Thur. afternoon, drove to our uncle's house, and unpacked. The next day we went fishing at Pier Marquette and a lot of other things.

Here are some pictures.............

A flower from our Aunt and uncle's garden.
Noela enjoying watermelon like a real Fedewa (we all love watermelon).

More flowers.

We all loved the trampoline!

Some of our uncle's friends came over to check on their garden. We all had fun playing together.
The children enjoyed playing with our pets.

We were watching the Orlando's dog Annie, and we took her to Pier Marquette with us when the boys went fishing. Some houses on the beach.

Lance is sitting on a anchor. Isn't he cute?
The silver sides is a submarine that they saved from being wrecked.

I am pretty sure that this is the Coast Guard Cutter, so I put the picture of it's sign above it.
Some beautiful swans swimming in the channel.
"I hope the swans and their babies get out of their way quick enough!" A huge boat came through the channel we all watched it go by, and kept on saying, "Did the swans get out of the way?"
A cute little duckling. There were quite a few families of ducks swimming around.