Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun with Grandma Rose, Grandpa John, and Uncle Kyle.

On Saturday our Grandma and Grandpa from Tennessee came to visit. They went to a baseball tournament that Grant was in. He won 1st. place in pitching! We had a nice day swimming (Grandma and Grandpa thought that it was to cold, so they just watched us swim), watching Grant play baseball, talking, etc. with them! After they left Dad had us mow and weed-wack the lawn. When I came in the house because the lawn mower ran out of gas, Uncle Kyle was there! What a surprise! We had a great time playing wiffleball with him!

Uncle Kyle pitching.

Grant Pitching.
Lance and Uncle Kyle Playing around.

It was a great day!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Bright Lights meeting.....

The meeting went great on Monday! 22 girls came!

A lot of them came up with somthing to share, Singing, crafts, piano pieces, etc.

Marie decorated the board for us.

It was Abigail's birthday so she brought cake and ice cream, also Maria brought a fruit tray, tea, and scones.

Thank you Gabbie for telling the story of Georgia Willis (A real girl who did the best that she could) you did great! Thank you everyone for doing a presentation!

After Gabbie told the story we sang Jesus Bids us Shine (the song that Georgia sang in the story). You can read the story of Georgia at:

If you want to hear the song, click on the little star where the song is quoted in the story. Then, go to the bottom left hand corner of the page it brings you to and click play. It is not-the-best recording, but you can hear the song there.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lots of fun!

Lately my brothers and I have been having fun climbing trees.
Grant (the oldest boy in our family 10 yrs.) saved our old hose and came up with the idea of attaching it to ourselves then climbing the tree jumping off and swinging. It's very fun!

Vince in the tree.

A Mother Deer decided to keep her faun in our back yard! Isn't it cute!

Also there are a lot of baby bunnies around our house.

A few days ago a snapping turtle decided to say eggs in our garden.

We have at least two robbin's nests in our yard, just this morning we heard this cheeping noise from outside Grant's bedroom window, Haley (the oldest in our family 14 yrs.) went to see if she could see the bird that was making the sound and it was a baby robin!

One of the robin nests.

You'd think we lived in the country!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello everyone!

There are a lot of fun things happening lately! On Sat. Haley and I went to a dance competition, and on Sun. we had a family reunion. After the reunion some of us played in Hawk Island's zero depth water park. Afterwards, Haley and I went to a Bright Lights meeting. Bright Lights is a discipleship group for girls. Haley leads one). Yesterday we all watched a snapping turtle lay it's eggs in our garden and saw a fawn about 3 feet tall run through our back yard. Today we are going to the CHESS (Christian Home Educators Support System) end of the year picnic.