Friday, June 12, 2009

Lots of fun!

Lately my brothers and I have been having fun climbing trees.
Grant (the oldest boy in our family 10 yrs.) saved our old hose and came up with the idea of attaching it to ourselves then climbing the tree jumping off and swinging. It's very fun!

Vince in the tree.

A Mother Deer decided to keep her faun in our back yard! Isn't it cute!

Also there are a lot of baby bunnies around our house.

A few days ago a snapping turtle decided to say eggs in our garden.

We have at least two robbin's nests in our yard, just this morning we heard this cheeping noise from outside Grant's bedroom window, Haley (the oldest in our family 14 yrs.) went to see if she could see the bird that was making the sound and it was a baby robin!

One of the robin nests.

You'd think we lived in the country!

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