Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day

We did a lot of dance presentations some were with our dance class, but our family likes to do some on our own too.

You see, Mom didn't think that it was enough just to do a few competitions and a recital once a year and we needed to use our talent to bring glory to God. Then Mom saw a advertisement for an Irish tea in our area and she decided to look into it and see if they had any entertainment. It so happened, that they didn't and were happy to have us come and dance for them!

The great thing is, that we don't only dance and share Irish history, we always make sure to add scripture into the program and afterwards pass out the Mally's Saint Patrick's Day tracts. People love it and always ask us to come back!

The last presentation that we did was on Friday the 19th. The people were liking it so much that Mom asked me to tell the story of how we started memorizing scripture (the one that I told at Leaders Training). After the show, a lady came up to me and said, "I have memorized my favorite verses from the Bible, but I have never memorized a whole chapter." I said, "I really think that you should try!" She answered, "I am going to, what you said really encouraged me!" I was so excited to see the fruit of our labour and very glad that I was ready and willing to share the story of how we started memorizing! Usually people will just blow the story off and say that it is too hard for them and we just have been gifted, but I always think, how can they memorize a whole scene from a movie and say that they can't memorize Scripture... our spiritual food!

I can't wait to hear something about your Saint Patrick's Day!

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