Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finially... the pictures from my darling sister's birthday!

Noela had a wonderful time at the zoo for her birthday!

~My little cutie~

~The fish of the sea~

One of the keepers had a snake out for everyone to see.

At the otter exhibit the otters weren't swimming, but we found out that there is a bunch of tadpoles in there too!


 Noela got her promised ponnie ride!

Vince and Lance got one too!

I love you Noela!

The tortoise was actually moving around!

~At the petting zoo~

We went from the petting zoo to the lions!  What a change!

I love the little tamerins they are so adorable~

Mom took us to the concession stand and got us fries,
My favorite!

~Rocky mountain big horn sheep~

Little brothers!

The Meercats are really cute~

~Little sweeties~

"Birds Down Under"
At this exhibit there are a lot of birds in a big screened in area, you can buy food sticks and the birds will fly to you and eat!

Friendly little Parakeets!

Good bye!

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