Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo tour

For my birthday mom and dad paid for me to take a photo class at a nature center down the road.  It was a very profitable afternoon, I learned so much!!  My pictures are looking a lot better all ready.  We learned about the composition of photos, how to draw your viewer's eyes into it, have it tell a story.  I always wondered how people got clear pictures in dull lighting, well now I know!  Also, see that +/- button on your camera?   Use that setting to change the exposer, normally photos are over exposed so they look a little washed out, with this button you can make your pictures have a much richer color!  You probably know this, but I didn't and it was a BIG break-through in my photography!

I really wanted to post some pictures for you all to see, but our Internet is working really slow and refuses to upload photos.  I will post them as soon as I can.


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Lily Marie said...

Glad you're getting some tips! =) I could really use a few. ;) I would love to see some more of your pictures. Computers can be so frustrating, can't they? Hope yours clears up soon!