Friday, June 29, 2012


They aren't quite so small any more!!

Duck eggs!  Our kaki campbells, the ones we got just this year as ducklings, have layed two eggs so far!  The little egg is the one from our Kaki Campbell ducklings, and the big one is from our full grown Pekin duck. When the ducks get older, the eggs will get larger. 

If you are interested in buying Kaki Campbell ducks, we will be selling three of our drakes.  We bought five ducklings and four of them turned out to be males.  We only need one male and would like to sell the others for $10.00 or all three for $20.  Kaki campbells produce more eggs in a year than most other breeds of ducks.  They will sit on their eggs if you would like to breed the them, ducks are also fun as little barnyard pets.  I'll admit, they don't like to be held or pet, but it is fun to feed them worms, they'll follow you around if you have some with you as treats! 

We live in Michigan, so if you are intersted in the ducks and live nearby, let me know by leaving a comment. 

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