Wednesday, July 8, 2009



We all had a lot of fun on vacation! We left Thur. afternoon, drove to our uncle's house, and unpacked. The next day we went fishing at Pier Marquette and a lot of other things.

Here are some pictures.............

A flower from our Aunt and uncle's garden.
Noela enjoying watermelon like a real Fedewa (we all love watermelon).

More flowers.

We all loved the trampoline!

Some of our uncle's friends came over to check on their garden. We all had fun playing together.
The children enjoyed playing with our pets.

We were watching the Orlando's dog Annie, and we took her to Pier Marquette with us when the boys went fishing. Some houses on the beach.

Lance is sitting on a anchor. Isn't he cute?
The silver sides is a submarine that they saved from being wrecked.

I am pretty sure that this is the Coast Guard Cutter, so I put the picture of it's sign above it.
Some beautiful swans swimming in the channel.
"I hope the swans and their babies get out of their way quick enough!" A huge boat came through the channel we all watched it go by, and kept on saying, "Did the swans get out of the way?"
A cute little duckling. There were quite a few families of ducks swimming around.

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