Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacation Part three.

Read part one and two first.

We went over to some sand dunes and climbed over them to a beach.
Here we are on the beach digging a hole. You can't go to the beach without digging a mote, sandcastle, etc.
After a little while some of us walked down the beach quite a ways. Grant, Vince, and I went in the water, it was cold! At first it was not too bad but after a while I got freezing! Haley, Vince, and Grant wanted to go a little farther so dad and I stayed behind. I laid down on the asphalt to get warmed up.

"It is a little warmer but I am still cold."

Us children (except Noela).

Aren't they cute?
My fantastic Dad! walking over the dune.
Mom carrying Noela over the dune. You have to be strong to do that!

Some shelf fungus.

Mom got a break.

Haley and Noela.

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