Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Laborday Vacation to Camp Barakel!

On Fri. evening we arrived at camp for our family's 2nd. family retreat at camp Barakel! After unpacking the first thing that we did was go to the Zipline. It was our first time going on it, unfortunately the boys could not go on it because it is only for ages 12 and up. I have some pictures of the zipline.

We are waiting for the people to come help us get our gear on.

Here we are getting rigged up in equipment. The workers were very nice. One we saw so much that she said, " I have been seeing you so much that I think I should learn your names!"

It looks very high especially when it is time to jump! 1,2,3, jump! It is scary the first time, but then you gain trust in the equipment!

After you are off the platform it is a nice smooth ride until you reach the end, and they are suppose to catch your ropes so you don't slide away again! Quite often people would not get caught and they would get stuck in the middle for a little while!

Friday night there was a beautiful moon! We had to go take a picture of it!

Another part of Camp that we enjoy is Boating! Noela LOVED the boats!

We won the family scavenger hunt. One of the things that we were suppose to get was a bluegill! None of us could catch one, so dad went out to show us that it wasn't that hard! It was a small one, but it worked for the scavenger hunt! When we showed this picture to the man that was judging the scavenger hunt he said, "I hope it didn't go any farther!"

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