Friday, November 27, 2009

Dance Performances

We have had a lot of dance presentations lately. This one was on the grand stage at the Wharton Center. We performed for their "Inner Circle" (the people that help to get together all the performances at the Wharton Center).

Right before we left Noela spilled yogurt on her dress! Thank God that it is easily cleaned!

Looking out at the rows of seats made me feel dizzy it was so big!

Haley made a Shamrock out of green paper for a prop to use while telling the story about Saint Patrick.

We were all very thankful for the sandwiches that they provided us with! Things are especially delicious when you have been working to get ready for a performance all day!

We all gathered around and prayed before we went out on stage to dance.

It seemed to take a long time, but we amused ourselves by taking pictures and coming up with games.

Grant's juggling skills helped time pass by quicker!
Their back stage is huge! They provided us with this very nice room to keep our stuff in and stay through the day.

The caterers did a great job decorating the tables!

The tables were set up on the stage and we danced out on the very front of it.

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures!!

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