Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A very fun year!

Hello I am sorry that I haven't been keeping up on my posting.

Here is a story from September 15th....
It was Vince's Birthday, Dad woke up at his usual time to get ready for work. He did all that he needed to do to get ready. We said our usual prayer with him before he left, but this time he didn't come back at 5:30 pm., he came right back! As he came back inside, we were surprised when he answered our questioning looks. He said, "I forgot! I had taken the day off for Vince's birthday!"

I don't know if your dad likes to come up with last minute ideas to go somewhere, but I know that our dad LOVES to! The days he took off from work would not be as exciting if he didn't come up with fun ideas! Anyway, that particular day he wanted to surprise us with a fun trip. This time he didn't tell us where we were going. He actually did, but it wasn't really the place we were going. At first I didn't believe him, but after a few more comments he had convinced me! Then he slipped when we were just about to leave! The Detroit Zoo!

Everyone loves flowers, unless they are the white ones that grow on trees on our street! They smell pretty bad, and during the time they bloom, the neighbour children and we, like to try to trick each other into smelling them! These ducks were much smaller than they look in the picture. They were so cute I had to take a picture of them! I didn't take the time to find out what kind of bird this one was, but it's color sure is bright! We want to shine our lights as bright as this birds feathers are! Or brighter!
I thought that this butterfly was so beautiful sitting with those white flowers!
Yellow purple and green all go good together! God makes the most beautiful things!
One of the butterflies kept flying down and sitting on the ground. We were afraid that someone was going to step on it! It also sat on dad's shoe and mom's leg for a little while!
Noela and I liked the Reptiles and Amphibians the best! Haley showed us this frog sticking to the glass. It was very interesting to see all the suction cups on it's underside!

I took Noela around and we read about the turtles and other things together. We also tried to memorize what they were!

I knew what kind of turtle this one was! A Matta Matta, once you see it's funny looking head and hear it's name you can't forget it!
The Gila Monsters were the main thing I tried to get Noela to remember their name.

I think that Noela likes turtles the best, so does Lance! I like them a lot too!

You know what this is! We were surprised to see it puffed up!

Bald Eagles are always fun to see! At The Detroit Zoo, they have a very nice cage for the eagle.

Ever since I was little, I remembered the prairie dogs, because they let you go under ground into these fun plastic things so you can get closer!

There is a new exhibit where you can walk inside the Kangaroos habitat! It would have been more exciting if they would have moved, but they were lazily sleeping.

Something that I have always liked to do is feed the Giraffes. We didn't pay to feed them this time, but they still are very interesting animals!

I have to admit, even though I said that the reptile and amphibians were my favorite, I think that I enjoyed the seals just as much or more!

The under water seal exhibit is perfect for a hot summer day! Inside the tubes, it is nice and cool after being in the sun for a while!

The Polar Bear was pretty far away, but we watched it for a little while. I read some fun facts about Polar Bears that I thought you might like to hear: Polar Bears have been found up to 200 miles from shore, they can swim 6.4 miles per hour, and their top running speed is 40 miles per hour!

I never knew that Flamingos really stood on one foot! I was amazed at how flexible their necks are! Look at how they are bent! It reminded me of a wire!

We ate our picnic lunch, but our family were not the only ones that thought they should partake of the meal! Bees came as soon as we took out the food.

Good bye! We had a great time at the Zoo!

Our uncle owns a huge dairy farm. Maybe we could take one of you on a trip with us some time to tour his farm!

Grant and Vince decided to jump inside one of the big tires on one of his tractors. I thought that it looked a little too dirty for me though!

I will soon be posting some more about our fabulous year, as soon as we load the rest of the pictures on the computer!

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