Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the Ocean

 : : We all had a wonderful time at the ocean : :

 : : On the porch of the condo : :

: : A view of the ocean from the condo : :

: : I love my brothers and Dad : :

When ever Noela is in between two people holding their hands she always says, "Swing me!" 

: : My wonderful family : :

There is a board walk with a bunch of stores on it, one of the spots though, has been fenced off for sand sculptures of Jesus.  It is called, "Jesus on the Boardwalk."

Haley and Dad walked the whole board walk, which is quite long, while the rest of us went swimming.

: : I love rainbows : :

: : Lance on the ocean : :

: : The cactus were beautiful : :

We had a lot of fun flying kites!  All you had to do was let go of it and away it would go!  It was very fun for us because where we live kites never stay up!

: : We had a lot of fun digging up sand crabs : :

At the time this was fun, but after wards I am sure you can imagine what I looked like!

On our way home, after our last morning walk on the beach, before we had to go, Mom and Haley were walking ahead and saw someone pull in this Sand Shark.

: : Grant is holding a crab : :

: : A skipping lesson on the beach : :

: : A beautiful sunrise : :

: : Come back soon : :

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