Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yellow Flowers and a Testimony

I just have to share this wonderful testimony, I am so grateful to God for working everything out so perfectly! Our Bright Lights group meets every first and third Monday so when there is an extra Monday in a month (like November) sometimes a few girls get confused. Yesterday we had three girls come though it was an off week, to the first two we explained what had happened and they left, but as they were driving away dad said, "Oh! If only we would have thought a little sooner, we could have had them do a skit!"

 Not much later another girl showed up, this time she couldn't leave because her mom had already left. Usually the moms would come and check if they had come the right night if they don't see anyone else coming up the driveway, but because the two Realtors we had coming over were coming up the drive at the same time she thought it must be the right night and left.

Just the night before we had been discussing the next meeting as a family, and wanted to invite someone over to do a skit for the next meeting. I mentioned having a certain girl over because she is so good at drama and loves to perform. It happened to be the exact girl that came last night! God is great! We came up with a skit together and are all really excited to do it on Monday!

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