Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I took this picture for a contest, you were allowed to enhance your photo so I played around with Picnik.  It was a lot of fun and I like the different looks that I got.  Believe me I have a lot more was I enhanced this picture, but I couldn't post them
all : )   Which one do you like best?

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Laura said...

I like the second and third ones the best. Picnik is so much fun! I've been playing with it a lot lately!

Anonymous said...

I think the last one is my favorite! =)

Mary Elizabeth said...

I love them all! They flowers everywhere! Did you set it up, or catch Noela at it?

Lydia said...


Yes, I did set the picture up :-) Noela is very good at holding still for me and is very photogenic. Since I was doing an essay/photo contest on water in the human body, she was a great photo topic!

Thanks for commenting!