Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's been awhile!

I have been really busy lately and though things haven't slowed down yet, I hope they will after this coming week.  We have shows for Wizard of OZ this next week and practices from Monday to Saturday.  Our animals are growing fast, as well as the number of animals :)!  We now have 5 ducks, 5 guineas, 10 meat chickens, 14 turkeys, 14 chickens for eggs, 3 bantam chicks, a rooster,....I think that is all as of now! Just last night I came home from Wizard of OZ practice to find ten more chicks in with the bantams! Dad had been at the store and saw that they were only a dollar per chick, it can't hurt to have ten more! It is such an wonderful life, I still can't believe that I live here!!  After our shows this coming week I will be getting my Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Right now dad is out building a barn/coop for the goats and chickens.  God has blessed us so abundantly!  Whenever we have a need He always helps us get the money or sends someone who gives us what we need.  Since we have all these birds, we needed drinkers, food, and lamps for them.   We have some friends who are moving and they are giving us all their things from when they raised chickens!  God is great!

Well, so long for now!  I will probably post again after show week!

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