Sunday, April 8, 2012

prayer requests

I woke up this morning, and as usual went to the chick room to feed and water the foul before breakfast.  I looked at the new chicks we got a few days ago to see if our hobble worked on a one of them that developed splay leg yesterday.  Splay leg, is when the chicken's hip or knees come out of socket, you must correct it while the chick it young or it will be crippled for life.  The chick's hobble had come loose so I picked it up and was fixing it, when our rooster Sillabub crowed.  I was surprised, his crow was very high pitched and horse.  Setting down the chick, I went inside to tell mom and ask what could be wrong.  We discussed it, read some information, and decided that it could be either a respiratory infection (which usually means death in chickens), or just from cleaning the cages the night before and stirring up dust.  We decided to move him outside and give him plenty of water.  He is still just as horse and starting to sneeze, a sign of a respiratory infection.  Sillabub is such a sweet rooster, believe it or not, he likes to be held and will jump into your arms.  Please pray for him that he will get better soon! Also, respiratory infections are contagious and it would be awful if all 40 some birds died, please pray that they don't catch it if it is an infection, and that our chick with splay leg will heal quickly. 

I will be gone all week at Wizard of OZ practice and it will be hard to make sure that all the animals are healthy, not to mention that I usually get sick show week.  Please pray that the cast will stay healthy and the shows will glorify God. 

Thank you so much for your prayers!

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