Thursday, April 29, 2010


A few days ago we had the ash tree that was in our front yard cut down.  It was a very fun thing to see!  Our neighbor was gone on a bike ride when it fell, but he got back in time to see it before it was all cut up.  He said that when he was a little boy he was playing soccer out in his yard with some friends and all of a sudden they heard a crack and the tree in their front yard fell!  Everyone was safe, but of course it would be very scary!

Our house before the tree was cut down.

I got a video of it falling, Vince watches it all the time!

We all love to climb trees, so as soon as it was safe to go near the tree, Vince asked if he could climb it!

Dad always helps whenever he can.  So he had us all go out and help load the wood into the truck.

I love this picture of Noela!  She looks so cute!

Gee- UP Horsey!

I said that we liked to climb in trees, well I took this picture from the top of a tree in our neighbors back yard.  Mom wants me to take a picture of the neighborhood from up there.  You can see how far down it is by looking at the pool below.  Grant is climbing up after me.

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