Monday, April 26, 2010

A Witnessing Story from Last Easter....

After the Easter party last year, Mom, Haley, Noela, and I went on a walk. As we were walking to the park we were trying to decide whether to go into the park, or on a trail that was across the road. After a little discussing, we decided to go on the trail first, then into the park.

Not long after we entered the trail, we noticed two people with their baby sitting on a bench. When we got near them, Mom said “Hello, isn’t it a nice day for a walk?”
We started talking and found out that they had gone over to the lady’s Grandma’s house to celebrate Easter. They weren’t even married and had a messed up family. Kirsten was the girl, Brian was her boyfriend, and they had a baby--Elizabeth.

After a little while, they got up and started to walk with us down the path and talk to us. I asked Mom if she wanted to give them an IQ card from Living Waters. Kirsten liked it a lot and said she would give it to her grandma, who went to Trinity (a church down the road) with her and her little girl Elizabeth. Mom asked Brian if he went to Trinity too. He said, “No, I am atheist.” Right away Haley and I looked at each other and wished that we had some atheist tests. He said, “The way I figure it, we all end up six feet under the ground.” Kirsten said, “You’re not going to keep me and Elizabeth from going to church.” Mom asked, “Why did you decide to be an atheist? Then Brian said, “Well, I believe in God. I won’t keep them from going to church but I won’t go.” Mom said, “But it won’t hurt you to go, so think about going. Your body will go six feet under, but your soul won’t, and if you believe in God then you should care.” His girlfriend said, “I would rather go to be with my creator.” He said, “My spirit will haunt people when I die.” Then I said “Yes, and your soul will go to hell and hell is for eternity even after the world ends hell will never go, you will be there for ever if you don’t have God in your life!” He said “Honey, I’ll tell you what, I will be kicked out of hell! I’m so bad, I will take over hell.”

Then we decided to recite the pieces of John 20 that Haley and I knew. Kirsten thought that it was amazing. After that, we came to the end of the trail and Mom asked if we could pray with them, They answered yes, but during the prayer I think that Brian was trying not to hear and just play with his little girl. Then I said to him “you know what? No matter how bad your sins are God will forgive you.” He just walked away and since the girl had said that they wanted to get married, Mom explained how important it was to have a Christian spouse.

We said good-by and walked back down the path praying for them.
I thought that it was amazing how in the first place we weren’t even going that way on a walk. God must have wanted us to meet them! So please pray for: Kirsten, Brian, and their little girl Elizabeth who was 14 months.

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