Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We were given many beautiful flowers from our friends at Brigadoon.  I was so happy to have a sunny day that I could go out and get some pictures of them.  The lighting was so perfect it looks like I enhanced the brightness in the pictures!  

I would like to say, "Thank you!" to all my faithful blog readers.  I know that I don't have the best blog, but you faithfully leave comments to brighten my day!

Thank God for Flowers!

Thank God for flowers of every hue,
From baby-pink roses to plumbago blue.
The fragrance of jasmine enhances the night,
And each water lily is a pearly delight.
Magnolias by moonlight bring sweet memories
As springtime awakens the blossoming trees.
The common hibiscus brings uncommon joy,
And shy violets are bashful and coy.
Long-stemmed red roses are reasons to sing,
And the frost-covered crocus usher in Spring.
Lavender orchids decorate the prom,
And pastel carnations pay tribute to Mom.
Flowers bring comfort to pauper and king,
For one cannot measure the pleasure they bring,
From Easter-white lilies to plumbago blue.
Thank God for flowers of every hue!
By: Clay Harrison 

 When cares increase within me,
Your comfort gives me joy.
~ Psalm 94:19 

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Leah said...

Gorgeous photos!

Bright and cheery... :-)

That bunny is darling! Is it your pet rabbit?

Thanks for sharing!