Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mr. Ludy - The Gospel

This is an amazing call to action!  If you haven't read the Ludy's books I greatly encourage you look into them.  It probably won't take long to convince you to buy one after watching this video of Mr. Ludy preaching! I have When God Writes your Love Story, Set-Apart Feminity, and The Lost Art of True Beauty.  All the books are amazing!  Click here to go to the Ludy's website.   Or here to go to Mrs. Ludy's website.


Laura H said...

Ludy-books are all amazing! I have nine of them, and none of them are bad! I highly recommend 'Answering the Guy Questions' and 'The Bravehearted Gospel'. I have reviews on some of them on my book blog.
Will you be becoming to INCH this year? It would be cool to see you and Haley again!

Lydia said...

I am not sure if we are coming to INCH, but I am pretty sure that we are. That would be fun to see you again! Do you usually go to the conference?

Laura(lea) said...

We didn't last year, but we are going for sure this year, because Voddie Baucham and and the Ludys will be there!!