Thursday, April 14, 2011

happenings of late

Since I last posted many things have happened in my life.  I must ask you to forgive me for not posting lately, but it was nearly impossible seeing that the last week of March and the first week of April were completely filled with classes and rehearsals for Brigadoon, the musical Haley and I were in.

Teen Pact is an amazing government class and worth every cent that it costs to go.  This is what filled up my last week of March.

Teen Pact Is~ Student Leadership~ they teach their students to be leaders and not just sit behind the scenes, A hands-on government class~ we spent four days at the capitol and were able to interview some of the staff and lobbyists who were there, Ultimate Frisbee, prayer walks at your Capitol, and much more!

Their goal~
"A distinctive of Teens Pact is our focus on training young people not just in politics, but in spiritual leadership, character development and personal excellence. One way we accomplish this goal is by offering opportunities for outstanding alumni to serve as staff for various Teen Pact events. Teen Pact Staff are given hands-on experience in servant leadership, coordinating logistics, leading a small group, responsibility and spiritual discipleship."

I had a wonderful time at this four day class at our capitol.  I grew extravagantly in my walk with the Lord when I started our the first day of class I never thought that I would enjoy and learn so much in the coming week.  I greatly encourage you to look into this class and see if it is in your state.  Go to: Teen Pact's website  Even if you can't go to a Teen Pact class, or would like a taste of their material before going, a wonderful book to read written by Tim Echols, the founder of Teen Pact, is "Real Citizenship."

I am sorry that I don't have any pictures up yet of Brigadoon, but I promise that they will be coming soon.  I also have been out in the yard a lot and took MANY pictures of the beautiful spring days that are now here!

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