Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dandelions ~ a child's friend...

...an adults enemy!  You never would know how beautiful dandelions actually are.  I took some close-ups of them and was showing them to dad, he was amazed that it was a dandelion!  They are just wonderful to look at and pick in our neighbors yards :~)  I hope that you enjoy this photo shoot of Noela and her friends~the dandelions!

How to make dandelion crowns...perfect activity to do with your little ones!

  1. Gather all your little friends and siblings to pick a large bunch of dandelions, be sure to leave the stems as long as you can as this will be helpful later.
  2. Start with three flowers, crossing them over each other to form a braid
  3. After you have crossed the stems over each other a few times, start adding a dandelion to each stem as you bring it over.  (it is just like french braiding hair) 
  4. Once you have make the braid long enough to fit the little ones head tie the two ends together with another dandelion, grass, or just pinch them with a bobby pin.
  5. Enjoy watching the cuties run around with their crowns! 

 On Saturday a few neighbor children were over at our house playing, they really enjoyed making crowns and picking dandelions.  It was so cute to see them run up with a new bunch of the flowers for me to use! 

 Finding beauty in the simplest parts of God's creation!

P.S. Does anyone know of any photo contests that are going on or coming up?  If I don't hear of any, I might just have to host one myself *smile.*


Itsy-Bitsy Pretty and Glitzy said...

I love the last picture! dandelions are pretty and Noela's so cute. :) You made the crown really well. I've never done it that way. Thanks for posting instructions!

Laura(lea) said...

I LOVE that last one! It's perfect, it really is! The lighting is GORGEOUS!

Leah said...

Your dandelion crowns are beautiful! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I can't wait to make some.

I love all the photos.
They're inspiring!