Thursday, June 2, 2011

TeenPact | Changing Lives to Change the World

I attended my first state TeenPact class this past March-April.  I was amazed at how much I learned not only about my government, but about my faith.  I learned about my government from a biblical perspective, made many new friends, played ultimate frisbee, went on prayer walks around the capitol, worshiped at my capitol, and so much more.  I can't tell you all that I learned.  By the end of the week I felt like I belonged at my capitol!  It was definently worth all the time and money. If you live in the United States, I greatly encourage you to look into TeenPact. 

What is TeenPact? This was taken from the TeenPact website
TeenPact is a dynamic, hands-on leadership school for Christian students. Our mission is to train youth to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend their Christian faith and engage the culture at a time in their lives when, typically, they do not care about such things.
The TeenPact experience is one of intentional growth, education and encouragement. We believe that God gives every young person a great spiritual capacity as well as a scriptural mandate to cultivate and use their talents – even before they are old enough to drive, work or vote! TeenPact trains these young people to embrace their call as the next generation of leaders by giving them tools, teaching and opportunities.
Each TeenPact program is marked by spiritual discipleship, student leadership, parental involvement and a commitment to excellence. Our loyal base of parent volunteers and student leaders keep the vision alive and growing as we continue to expand nationally. Founded in 1994 by Tim Echols, TeenPact currently offers classes in 38 states and counting.
“Changing lives to change the world” is more than a motto to us. It’s literally what we do every day.
Haley and I attended National TeenPact Convention this past week in Ten. It was up on a mountain (or what they call a mountain).  There is a beautiful view from the bluff, which I had a wonderful time taking pictures of!  We had amazing speakers, and made lots of new friends. 

~ Skits ~

~ Frisbee ~

~ Bonjure ~ a personal time with God each morning ~

A few of our speakers included:
Matt Chambers |  Executive Director of Safe World Nexus
John Stonestreet | Summit
Jordyn Wilson | Speaker and co-author of “Purely Woman”
Brett Harris | The Rebelution
Mr Echols | Founder of TeenPact and author of Real Citizenship
Aaron Watson |  Director of Staff Development for TeenPact Leadership Schools

I will share some more pictures with you from the retreat later this week!

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Sounds like a wonderful event.
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