Thursday, June 23, 2011

what a letter can mean

Have you ever received a letter that encouraged you so much that you kept it to read, re- read and re-read again?  I have!  When I was twelve years old, Sarah and Grace Mally wrote me letters.   I was so surprised and excited to receive them!  The letters encouraged me to live for Christ, make wise decisions while I am young, and shine His Light.  

This morning I got out my letters from Grace and Sarah to read again, I took out a piece of stationary and a pen and wrote a letter to one of my younger friends.  I hope that she keeps it, and it encourages her as much as Sarah and Grace's encourage me....perhaps she will take it out in a few years, read it again and pass on the love by writing a letter to someone else!  I am so thankful to Sarah and Grace for taking the time to write me and I pray that through God my letter will make an impact on the life of that sweet little girl!

My blog has been left alone for a little while, I am still going to try to post a few pictures and stories throughout the summer, but it will not be as often as during the winter. I am busy with many wonderful activities!

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Crista Moriah said...

Hi Lydia,

I truly love the Mally's beautiful ministry with Bright Lights, Before You Meet Prince Charming, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends, etc. That must have been so encouraging to have a personal letter from Sarah and Grace written to you! They are dear sisters in Christ.

Lovely pictures, btw!