Friday, July 6, 2012

The garden of Life

Think of Jesus as the flowers, you're the dirt in the garden. 

In a garden, you wouldn't set a flower out of the way in a corner.  Neither would you systematically place flowers three feet apart from each other.  No, in a beautiful garden you plant the flowers all over, mix the colors, add lots to make the garden full and lovely. 

That's how our lives need to be, a garden, full and flourishing with Jesus planted everywhere throughout it. He should be planted right where everyone can see Him. Cultivate, water the Flowers with God's Word. As your Flowers grow and multiply, you get to know Him more and more. Make your garden larger so it can hold more of Him. But, don't let it stop there, with so many Flowers be sure to share some with others. Tell them about His love and beauty, show them through your own garden, give them a handful of flowers and a palm-full of seeds. Next, pray that those seeds will take root.


Elizabeth said...

That's a great analogy, Lydia!! I enjoyed it. :) Thanks for keeping up the posting.. I know I'm kind of lacking right now. :) Pretty busy getting ready to leave in a week and a half for Ukraine... :D

Lily Marie said...

Love that allegory, thanks so much for sharing! Amazing pictures too. Isn't God sooo creative? ;)