Monday, October 25, 2010

Please Pray A Witnessing Story~

I thought that you would be interested to hear about the time that my family and some friends had witnessing to some homeless people on Sat.

Saturday the 23 at 2:15, (yes the time and date are important) my family went out with some friends to a group of homeless people that live by our house. One of the moms had already met the community so was able to get us acquainted with the people very quickly! We brought them some food, blankets, and warm clothes. After delivering our donations we started a nice conversation about their lives, we presented the wordless bridge and asked if they had excepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, of course as most people do they said, "Yes". We kept talking, and asked if Deborah (one of the ladies) would like us to pray for her, she answered, "No" and said that she had put God on the "back burner" for awhile. We explained that you would go to hell if you died with Christ on the "back burner" and you never know when you will die "you could die tonight!" She seemed to slightly understand and agreed that we could pray for her. We said our good-byes and went home.

Today I got a call from our grandma who we had told about our time with the homeless. She said that a newspaper article told the sad story of Saturday the 23 at 9:15 a fire had broken out in their homeless camp, two men died. One lady lost all she had. I thought that this was an amazing story; God must have really wanted those people to hear the Gospel He must have wanted us to be there that day to shine His light before they died. I am just praying that those two men got to read some of the Gospel tracts that we left for them.

Please keep that community of homeless people in your prayers.


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Oh, I really hope that those 2 men read the tracts you left with them before they passed away. I pray that the other homeless people will learn a lesson from this tragic event...and that they will be led to Christ.