Sunday, October 10, 2010

~Time Alone~

Deep in the silence of the forest

Was where I'd go to be

That I might hear in Nature's stillness

God's voice speak to me.

His voice, it echoed through the trees

When the wind caressed their limbs,

Like angels softly whispering

A thousand prayer hymns.

And through the brook, His voice, it laughed

A strong and joyful song

Which spoke of His enduring love

As it winded its way along.

He spoke through the clamor of the squirrels

And the owl's solemn cries, and evening played His symphonies

In the crickets' lullabies.  These melodies, they stirred my soul

To depths no words could express.  Alonein the forest my heart did find

its greatest happiness!

Poem by: Victoria Ann Turner

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