Thursday, December 16, 2010

: : Christmas Tea : :

A few weeks ago Haley and I had the opportunity to serve at a Christmas tea.  It was a lot of fun! Turner Dodge is a historical house where they host lots of different events. 

  The first time my sister and I volunteered at the Turner Dodge House was for their Irish tea,  Mom was looking through our Parks and Recreation guide and saw that they were having an Irish event.   My sister and I do Irish step dancing and Mom had been discussing with us that we needed to do more with it than just the recital and a few competitions.  When she saw that their tea was coming up she thought that it was a wonderful opportunity for us to do a performance!  We got in touch with the coordinator and asked if they needed any entertainment for the tea and just a few weeks later found us  preforming for our first event! 

As some of you know we now do many performances each year and have even been able to perform at the Warton Center for their inner circle.   I am not trying to brag, but just show you that it is possible to use your talents for the Lord.  Give Him your little and He will use it for His Glory!  We must always be prepared because we don't know when those opportunities will come.













This time we weren't dancing, but were serving the tea for the guests.  Haley and I had a wonderful time!

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