Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Beauty with a Purpose"

Today I was at the doctors office with Mom, there was a TV show on about  "Beauty With a Purpose" (a brand of beauty supplies).  They were showing all different ways to keep your skin looking young.  I read the title to Mom and said,"With a purpose?  That is not a good purpose  it is vain!"  I have been reading all sorts of books and articles lately about true beauty, inner, spiritual, Christ like beauty!  That is the purposeful kind!

I was reminded that what the world thinks "purpose" is, is vain, deceitful, and worldly.  We as Christian young ladies need to strive towards the goal of Christ, to be like Him, and fearlessly share our faith!

"The little girl who is longing to grow up and become that lovely young lady she pictures in her thoughts, will never become the woman she wants to be unless she learns to daily abide in Christ."

For some good literature on True Beauty go here.  There are a lot of good articles they have helped me a lot.

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