Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Camp Barakel

= The sign at the entrance =

Welcome building! All the new buildings there are really pretty pine!

~Wonderful little sister~

: :  After we finished unloading Mom lead us in worship on her guitar : :

 On top of the Block House (Barakel's symbol)

 After our family worship time Dad took Haley and me out to do the zip-line

 The first time I did it I was very scared, but after a few times it is like nothing.

 +I love boating+

* Piano*

: :  Haley and Lance at the dining hall : :

 There are a lot of Oak trees there!

!! Thunder Express!!  {A big long slide that you go down on sleds}  It is a lot of fun!

~ A family photo at the chapel ~

{A cute picture at the archery range} 
I don't know who this is, but I thought that it would be a cute picture!

 Little sister and brother :)

{Vince and Lance LOVED the archery range}

 I got some pretty pictures of the lake and nature around it.

 Everyone wearing life jackets!

 We did a family photo scavenger hunt, one of the things was "One family member with "real" moose ears"!   A lot of the pictures are from the scavenger hunt.

 This honey bee was very cute it stayed for a long  time!

I can't wait for the Father/Daughter retreat on Friday!

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