Thursday, September 16, 2010

"One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven"

This is a great book, it is very encouraging!  Can you guess what you can't do in heaven?......  Witness!  There won't be anyone to witness to in heaven!  I greatly encourage you to buy this book if you need a boost to help you get out and witness.   Right now I am reading it with my dad each night before we go to bed we read a few pages together!  The best thing about the book, is that it has a lot of fun stories about his witnessing experiences.

"We typically think that people don't want to talk with us about eternity and Jesus, but that's just another lie from the devil."
From: One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven; chapter one.

Have you ever read this book?  Do you have any witnessing stories or strategies?  Leave a comment!

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