Thursday, September 2, 2010

{"snippits" of my days]

Yesterday we went witnessing with 4 of our friends at the park.  It went great!   We split up into two different groups and went off.  My group witnessed to  four groups and Haley's group witnessed to 6.   I am so excited to go out again!

Also, I promised that I would tell you how we did nationally for the Bible Bee!  We received the results this morning.   Haley came in 223rd out of 484.  Grant came in 771 and I came in 297 out of 1051.  All of us want to do it again next year!

We are leaving for Camp Barakel tomorrow!  I will take lots of pictures to post.

Last, but defiantly not least,  I just found a very nice blog called Growing In Him.   If you Knit or crochet, I would like to encourage you to look into Miss Eden's,  "Knit and Crochet for Romania's Orphans".   I have joined and am really excited to start!

*Which picture do you like better?

Black and White,

or color?

*I took both pictures

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Eden said...

Oh Lydia, I LOVE the photo of the butterfly --they are so hard to photograph because they move about so quickly. You did a great job with this one! I think I like the photo in color. :-)

Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog, adding my button to your sidebar, and posting about the project for Romania's orphans!

I just looked at your family page. It looks like you have a lovely Christian family and wonderful parents! May God bless you and your family as you seek to bless others. :-D